Build a Comoonity

Become a Networker

Join us if you're passionate about building a vibrant local community, connecting businesses and residents, and driving your local economy.

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Join us at Comoonity as a networker and be a vital part of empowering businesses. As a passionate advocate, you'll subscribe businesses to our platform boosting their online presence and visibility. You'll foster meaningful connections, bridging the gap between residents and their local community. With a growth mindset, you'll actively contribute to expanding our data and business subscriptions. The best part? There's no upfront cost to become a networker, making it an accessible opportunity to make a difference. We offer the following for our networkers:

  • Revenue Split: Recieve a cut of the monthly subscription and any additional purchases by your referred business and their referred customers
  • Training: We will provide you all thr training you require to work as a networker and maximise your potential with us
  • Marketing Material: We provide all the material you need to promote the platform and invite the residents
  • Support: Support and guidance on how to build your Comoonity is readily available
  • Full/Part Time: You may pursue this as your full time job, part time or as a way to help your local economy
  • Individually or as a Group: Collaborate with your neighbours or work solo, you choice is entirely yours

At Comoonity, we equip you with all the resources necessary to promote our platform and engage residents. Our platform effortlessly delivers offers and promotions to residents, seamlessly connecting them with the wide array of local business offers and services within their community. You'll have access to a comprehensive toolkit that enables effective promotion and ensures a seamless connection between residents and the thriving local business ecosystem.

Calling Manchester!

We are starting out in the Greater Manchester area with its conveniently broken up bouroughs before moving onto the rest of the UK. If your are based in the UK and interested, get in touch.